GamePlan and Ubique Networks Announce eSports Platform in Brazil

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GamePlan, Brazil’s leading games consultants, and Ubique Networks, provider of world’s only vertically integrated lag-free eSports platform, have announced a partnership to launch Ubique’s Swarmio Platform in Brazil early this year.

The Swarmio eSports Platform is a blockchain-powered eSports platform that delivers the optimal lagless gaming experience for all players of multiplayer online games such as Counter-Strike Global Offensive (CS:GO) and League of Legends. It gives players, tournament organizers and casters the tools they require to create a professional level eSports experience at any skill level, anywhere in the world.

Swarmio is the only platform that provides the ultimate, lag-optimized gaming experience by completely integrating a proprietary latency-optimizing global networking technology.

"Ubique Networks has the full support of GamePlan to develop its business plan in the Brazilian market, and we will take care of the brand building, communities, marketing, product and communication of Swarmio, which takes lag-free gaming to the next level, not dependant of unreliable tunneling services anymore", comments André Faure, CEO of GamePlan.

“Brazilian gamers and tournament organizers will be the first in South America to experience and enjoy Swarmio’s lag-free eSports Platform” says Vijai Karthigesu, Founder & CEO of Ubique Networks. “Brazil is the largest Market in South America, and its online usage and gamer populations are growing significantly every year, so we are looking forward excitedly to this launch.”

The partnership between GamePlan and Ubique Networks was made possible by the work of Canada's Consulate General, which identified GamePlan as a company able to meet the needs of Ubique and other Canadian companies willing to establish business in Brazil.

"Canada is recognized for its great expertise in the international gaming scene and the Brazilian market presents great opportunities for business development between the two countries. We were very happy to have helped establish this partnership" says Stéphane Larue, Consul General of Canada in São Paulo.  

About GamePlan
Founded in March 2014 in Sao Paulo, Brazil, GamePlan is a global business and marketing consultancy that provides services to games and technology industries, as Business Intelligence, Business Strategy, Business Development, PR, Marketing and the new novo GamePlan Fandom Management Framework. Brazilian games studios, as Hermit Crab Studio and Mens Sana Interactive, are on GamePlan’s client list, as well as global brands like Autodesk, Innogames, Ubique Networks and Trion Worlds, among others. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

About Ubique Networks
Ubique Networks is an innovative technology company delivering a blockchain-powered decentralized computing grid. It is creating the Internet of the Future by delivering technologies that optimize latency for real time applications. The company’s Swarmio eSports platform is the world’s only cloud-based infrastructure that completely integrates proprietary ‘lag-less’ global networking technology with a fully automated Tournament Management system to provide end users with the most advanced gaming experience available. 
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