Pixel Ripped 1989 to be funded and published by ARVORE

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Pixel Ripped 1989 is a project with a really long story behind it. For those who don’t know, it started in 2013 when Ana Ribeiro was studying at the National Film and Television School in London. She had a tremendous success 3 months after launching that demo on the Oculus Store, totaling more than 5 million views on YouTube playthroughs in only 3 months, which is quite a bit for a small (but full of heart) prototype.

So here we are, in September 2017, after a failed Kickstarter, being supported by Oculus, accelerated by Boost VC, and in partnership with Sony Playstation. In spite of all that, we’ve been bootstrapping and struggling to keep this project alive for many months. Trying to cover everyone’s expectations when having a really limited budget is anything but easy.

So we finally found ARVORE, a Brazilian VR Studio, which is a partner that complements us in every aspect we need support: Q&A, marketing, polish, and something really important here, a family where everybody takes care of each other. This partnership allows us to focus 100% on the development of the game, and not being worried about how to accomplish our respective tasks without the huge stresses that this world brings.

Ana is now working in São Paulo, at ARVORE’s headquarters. We expect to have news about the game’s release in the upcoming months.

We want to thank ARVORE for the great support, and how well they’ve been responding to community feedback.

Sorry, but it is so satisfying to be able to write this sentence that I want to write it again:

Pixel Ripped 1989 will be ARVORE’s first video game funded and published!

Hope to see you soon. Thanks for your continuous support!


ARVORE is an immersive experience studio founded by Ricardo Justus, Rodrigo Terra e Edouard de Montmort. With an multidisciplinary team, composed by some of the most experienced professionals in Latin America, ARVORE focuses on creating and developing interactive narratives and games using virtual, augmented and mixed reality. ARVORE’s projects include both B2B and consumer entertainment products such as a VR campaign for McDonald’s and Coca-Cola, released last May in Latin America, Cinematic VR productions by Ricardo Laganaro and the VR game “Pixel Ripped 1989” by Ana Ribeiro.

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