Stats of VR in China

By Orlando Fonseca Jr.. It follows these guidelines of Drops de Jogos.

Foto: Wikimedia Commons

Here are a few stats about the VR ecosystem in China

– Over 10,000 VR Arcardes (there are less than 500 in North America)
– 60% of visitors are female
– 70% of VR Arcades are running at a loss
– VR is being adopted much faster than anywhere else
– The Chinese government is investing heavily in this technology
– 360° video (and cameras) is the hottest market in China
– VR Content companies are now moving to B2B enterprise space

"US will drive technology, China will drive adoption" – Ryan Wang

NOTE: These stats were lovingly borrowed from Ryan Wang from Outpost Capital presentation at Silicon Valley VR conference (SVVR).

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